The mission of Open Arms Dance Project is to move the community towards greater  compassion through our actions and our art.

This mission begins with our Open Arms community of dancers in the studio.  We enter thinking maybe our joys and stresses, hardships and happiness are unique only to us and nobody will ever really understand...  

Then, we move and breath together. We move and connect. We move and make something together that none of us could have made on our own.  And by moving alongside people who look or sound or move differently, people who are older or younger, people who are so different yet somehow just like me and you with wonderful lives full of joy and stress, hardship and glorious happiness -- we ultimately move towards greater compassion.

The Open Arms Dance Project mission is carried into our local community when we perform.  Audiences see the immense respect we have for each other and the cooperation it has taken to create the art we present.  Men, women, and children respond with standing ovations, praise, and very often tears.  Hearts are moved towards greater compassion.

As Open Arms grows, so will the community we reach.  As funding grows, visions of dance films and documentary films will be realized, carrying the mission of Open Arms Dance Project to our global community and moving the world towards greater compassion.